Thursday, January 15, 2015

Planning for ETSI 2015

The Educational Technology Success Initiative, or ETSI, is the first week of August 2015!

Let’s take a look at what ETSI is with the TPACK model of technology integration. TPACK is three circles which include: Technological Knowledge, Content Knowledge, and Pedagogical Knowledge. The circles overlap but the goal is to reach that spot in the center, known as the TPACK, where all three components converge.

Teachers’ strengths in each of these TPACK areas could vary. And that’s OK! That’s where ETSI comes in! ETSI reiterates that curricular objectives and pedagogy are most important and focuses on technology serving to support and enhance existing curriculum.

We also work very closely with the SAMR model of technology integration. 

Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition are the stages of SAMR. It is in that Transformation stage of Modification and Redefinition where "teaching above the line" occurs. At ETSI we help teachers pick the right tool and use it in the right way to climb the SAMR ladder while keeping the TPACK circles balanced.

ETSI members are helping to change the face of technology integration at their own campuses. Change is slow but they've got the right attitude and lots of support to help them lead the way!

ETSI 2014 was a tremendous success. We had 90 PISD teachers who met for a few days in the summer as well as a few work days during the school year. The Instructional Technology team has worked very closely with the ETSI members this school year in an effort to provide continuous support.

Soon, we will be looking for candidates for ETSI 2015. Principals will receive an ETSI application via e-mail and they will forward the application to any professional staff members who would be a good fit for ETSI 2015. Below is a video principals viewed at their recent meeting with information about selecting ETSI candidates. 

If you have any questions, let us know! We're looking forward to another successful ETSI year!